Welcome to the website of a modern day courtesan. Are you looking for an experience that will make your day a little richer? A little more satisfying? Perhaps a bit more sensual? Well, then, you’ve come to the right place. In me, you will find an engaging conversationalist, an educated companion, and someone who is alluring and authentic.

I am a person with whom you can let your guard down and explore your most intimate fantasies. I am a curious partner, intent on fulfilling all manner of dreams with you. What moves you, intrigues me. I’ll entice you, lure you in, and seduce you. I invite you to an unforgettable experience.

I specialize in the extraordinary.

Meet Isobella

I consider myself a Renaissance woman. I pride myself on my education and my knowledge of current events as well as my diverse tastes in many areas including art, dance, music, fashion and cooking delectable food. I’m passionate about other cultures and I love to travel. My work experiences have been multi-faceted: I’ve been a woodworker, metalworker, sculptor, seamstress, dancer, and florist—to name a few. I’ve explored and experienced life from various vantage points, which gives me the ability to connect with you on multiple levels.


My body is statuesque and firm with an olive complexion, adorned with long, curly dark brown hair. I am a mixture of European and Latin American descent. Although you will not see it in my photos, which have been edited for my privacy, I do have a discretely placed tattoo. If you do not care for body art then perhaps your time would be better spent with another lovely lady.

I take pride in my appearance and maintain my health through exercise, eating well and simply enjoying a rich and beautiful life. My friends have described my personality as so soothing that it seems to have an other-worldly quality.


I am a thoughtful and sensual companion. I can be coy and sultry, or strong and assertive, depending on your mood and needs. It is of the utmost importance to me to create a safe and inviting space for you to relax and enjoy yourself in. I consider our time together sacred and I will never reveal any aspect of it to another. I’d like to know you in any way you choose to share yourself with me. You can feel confident that I will not judge you and that I will do my best to meet you on your level.

While I am receptive to the spontaneous fling, I’d prefer to develop our friendship over time. I am open-minded and experimental, intrigued by the unique qualities of each person that I meet. Whatever your predilections are…I cherish them. I am the ideal companion for the adventure of our making.